The War on Soda and Candies in Schools

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Should the state become the ultimate nanny, slapping children's hands away from junk food at school? There's no doubt that students would survive not being able to find sodas or candy at school. But there's disagreement over whether schools' extracurricular activities would survive the lost revenue. In an era of increasing childhood obesity, should the state ban food it deems unhealthy from schools? Or would that make Sacramento the ultimate micro-manager? We get a taste of school nutrition legislation proposed by one state Senator and opposition to the bill from a food-industry lobbyist. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Surplus Power Triggers Desalination Plans - In an ironic twist to the energy crunch, Californian may soon be getting ocean water from the tap. The state may soon produce enough surplus power to operate desalination machines, once considered too expensive. Ron Gastelum, of the Southern California Metropolitan Water District, says it's a mater of applying new energy considerations to an old concept.
  • Reporter's Notebook: eBay turns to TV Media - E-bay, one of the only true profit-making Internet businesses, is looking to branch out. It's teaming with Columbia Tristar Televison to develop a new program devoted to those who love the online auctioneer. Kevin Pursglove, senior communications director for eBay, elaborates on the online marketplace's plans to expand its reach.

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