The Women's Vote

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Fifty-two percent of American voters are women, and they're given the credit for electing Bill Clinton-twice. So, it's no surprise that Al Gore and George W. Bush are sitting down with Oprah Winfrey, along with anyone else they can think of to court the women's vote. With his message of "compassionate conservativism," Bush had the early lead. But, then something happened. In the few weeks since the Democratic Convention, Bush has tanked with women and Gore has soared. Was it the Kiss? The vice presidential selections? The issues?
  • Newsmaker: The MTA drivers are still on strike, and the big news is, there's no news. As long as negotiations are under way, both sides have been ordered not to talk to reporters. But, of course, reporters still are standing by, including Jeff Rabin of the LA Times
  • Reporter's Notebook: Both sides are said to be claiming victory after yesterday's election in Yugoslavia. There is a lot at stake, including the possibility that strongman Slobodon Milosevic will be fatally weakened politically, even if he has not been defeated outright. Much attention has focused on other elections-for a new parliament, and for city offices around the country-and on irregularites during the voting.



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