The World's Oceans and Southern California

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Los Angeles Times reporter Kenneth Weiss traveled widely for a recent five-part series on how the world's oceans are being transformed by pollution. He found that the chemistry of sea water is changing enough to destroy crucial habitats, threaten fish and poison seals and other marine mammals. He reported that massive floating garbage dumps have been created by non-degradable plastic that is lethal to wildlife. In some places, oceans are literally dying--with drastic consequences for fish, mammals and other creatures that live in them and for species that depend on the oceans, including our own. How do these world-wide problems apply here in Southern California? What's being done to mitigate the damage before it's too late? We speak with Mark Gold, Executive Director of Heal the Bay and a member of the management committee of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project.
  • Making News: Lawmakers Back in Sacramento
    In Sacramento, they're back. Republicans and Democrats facing no less than 1500 pieces of proposed legislation to be dealt with in the next four weeks, with almost everybody--including the Governor--up for re-election. Harrison Sheppard, who reports from the Capitol for the Daily News, considers several bills lawmakers will be taking up in the upcoming legislative frenzy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Dispute over 415 Pacific Coast Highway
    Beach clubs are the playgrounds of the rich and famous, but the City of Santa Monica wants to build what supporters call the nation's first beach club for the public. The property it's chosen was the estate built in the 20's by media baron William Randolph Hearst for his mistress, Marion Davies. Wealthy neighbors have raised a legal challenge, leading one club supporter to say that "modern-day beach bullies" have "kicked sand in the face of the public." Martha Groves is covering the story for the LA Times.

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