Thirty Years after Roe v. Wade

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In 1973, the US Supreme Court changed all that in Roe v. Wade, a decision that legalized a woman-s right to choose. Recently, in California, Governor Gray Davis had signed a host of bills on reproductive rights. But with Republicans running the White House and Congress, abortion could again become an issue in next year-s elections. Is Roe v. Wade in danger? Would it make any difference in California, where women-s rights have recently been increased by state law? We get very different views on America-s most controversial operation from a woman whose experience made her a supporter of legal abortions and another whose reaction was just the opposite, and examine the state of abortion rights in California with two activists with opposing views.
  • Newsmaker: LA May Have to Raise Vehicle Licensing Fees
    Mayors, sheriffs, police and fire chiefs say they-ll have to lay off cops and other public safety workers if the vehicle license fee isn-t restored to what it was five years ago. Governor Davis hasn-t promised a veto, but he-d rather raise the sales tax by 1 cent and increase the income tax on the wealthy. Dan Morain, who covers Sacramento for the LA Times, says local officials are in a tight spot because the state is giving with one hand, taking away with the other.

Roe v. Wade



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