Thousands of California Teachers Getting Pink Slips

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No fewer than 20,000 teachers statewide have been notified they might lose their jobs due to California-s budget shortfall and Governor Davis- plan to cut spending on grades K-12 by $1.6 billion. Though the University of California and State University would both get increases of 2.5%, Davis- budget also proposes reductions of 6.2% for the massive community college system. Whenever a teacher might lose his or her job, state law requires advance notification. In the city Alameda, the entire teaching staff has been pink slipped, as have many teachers in Santa Monica. LA Unified says if the Governor-s cuts go through, teachers and counselors could be in jeopardy. We learn about the plight of California-s educators and education system from the president of California-s biggest teachers- union, a spokesperson for Governor Davis, and LA Schools Superintendent Roy Romer.
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    Though Irvine Valley College, in Orange County, advertises its cultural and racial diversity, diversity of opinion may be a problem. Last week, the Vice President of Instruction circulated a memo telling instructors it-s -professionally inappropriate- to discuss the war in Iraq, unless it-s directly related to -the approved course materials.- Constitutional law expert Gary Bostwick says tinkering with free speech is a dangerous idea.

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