Title IX Controversy at Alhambra High School

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Alhambra High School is spending $900,000 to upgrade playing fields with state of the art amenities, but they-re only for boys. The girls say that girls- teams are relegated to dirt fields and a locker room where the toilets are broken and the showers don-t work. Since Richard Nixon signed Title IX in 1972, gender discrimination has been illegal at any school that gets federal money, but when it comes to sports, that law-s been enforced primarily at the college level. That could be about to change. We hear from attorneys involved with discrimination suits against US Department of Education and Alhambra High School, and one of the girls who say they-re getting a bad deal.
  • Reporter's Notebook:Possible Cuts to California Courts and Transportation
    Although the State Constitution mandates that courtrooms be open so that criminal and juvenile cases can be heard, civil matters are subject to the discretion of the Governor and the Legislature. With a massive new deficit looming, Governor Schwarzenegger-s budget proposes reductions that are the subject of a traveling hearing by a State Senate committee. LA gets its turn tomorrow. We get a preview from Democrat Joe Dunn of Garden Grove.

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