Tobacco Bill

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Norwood "Woody" Wilner: Winning plaintiff attorney in last week's historic million verdict against the Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company. Mr. Wilner is a partner in the firm of Spohrer, Wilner, Maxwell, Maciejewski and Matthews in Jacksonville, FL. Scott Williams: Spokesperson for the tobacco industry. He represents five big companies, among them Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, and Brown and Williamson. Professor Richard Daynard: Professor of Law at the Northeastern School of Law and Chairman of the Tobacco Products Liability Project, a clearinghouse of information and advice for plaintiffs suing the tobacco industry. Bruce Josten: Executive Vice President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which believes the tobacco bill must be stopped because it will increase taxes and government bureaucracy. Dick Kyle: Chief tobacco correspondent for Bloomberg News in Washington. He has spent the past year covering the Washington angle of the tobacco story. Dr. Stanton Glantz: Professor of Medicine at UC San Francisco and co-author of The Cigarette Papers, an in-depth analysis of the tobacco industry. Gil Garcetti: Los Angeles District Attorney David Corn: Washington Editor of The Nation David Brooks: Senior Editor at The Weekly Standard

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