Tolerance and the Politics of Latino Assimilation

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African-American studies are alive and well in the high schools of Tucson.  But the state Attorney General has declared Mexican-American studies illegal under a recent law.  One piece of evidence is a textbook written long ago by a respected veteran professor at Cal-State Northridge.  Does teaching that part of the US once belonged to Mexico mean advocating new borders?  Does teaching the history of discrimination mean advocating resentment and racism in reverse? Also, in Silicon Valley, a computer museum. It's all about shrinkage. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, as President Hu Jintaou arrives tomorrow for a White House visit, the US and China are being compared to two aircraft carriers that can only be moved from the very top. We hear how both countries have been preparing and whether personal connections between the heads of state can resolve the increased tensions of recent years?



Warren Olney