Traffic Congestion Drives Angelenos Mad

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In his state of the state address, Governor Schwarzenegger urged the world to -come to California.- But with experts declaring the Southland's transportation system on the verge of gridlock, public opinion polls and other politicians suggest that-s not a good thing. Lovers once deemed "geographically undesirable" because of the distance between them no longer have to live in different states, but just across town. Diamond lanes, synchronized traffic lights and public transit all help to ease the problem, but predicted population growth suggests it might never be solved. Will higher gasoline prices help? Does easing congestion require population control? Warren Olney goes in search of a solution with a journalist who writes about transportation, a board member of the Sierra Club and the head of a regional transportation commission.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Los Angeles Drivers and Their Cars
    The LA Times today won 5 Pulitzer Prizes, close to the record of seven set two years ago by the New York Times. One of today-s winners was Dan Neil, who got his Pulitzer for automobile criticism. Neil demonstrates the "blending technical expertise with offbeat humor and astute cultural observations," that won him the $10,000 award with some thoughts about scooters, quality in cars and the "gravitas" of a Toyota.

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