Traffic Congestion in Los Angeles

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Every Los Angeles commuter is a slave to traffic, its unfathomable slowdowns and stationary bottlenecks. With an average freeway speed of 30, heading toward 20 in the next few years, we're painfully susceptible to weather, trucks, cell phones, flat tires and abandoned treasures. Will it ever get any better? We talk about traffic and congestion, their surprising causes and uncommon solutions, with the director of the Washington State Transportation Center, who's lived and driven in Southern California, and the head of planning and development for LA County's Metropolitan Transit Authority.
  • Newsmaker: 911 Alarm - The LA Police Protective League says an alarming number of 911 calls are going unanswered, calls that could have been life-and-death situations from people unable to call back. LAPD Chief Bernard Parks responds to the charges, then looks forward to his hopes for working with Mayor Hahn and Police Commissioners.

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