Trouble Brewing at City Hall?

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In the midst of two grand-jury investigations and accusations of -pay to play,- another high-profile aide to Mayor Jim Hahn has stepped down. Airport Commissioner Ted Stein said false accusations made it impossible for him to do his job. Meantime, a high-profile City Councilman, Bernard Parks, filed papers today for what he calls an -exploratory- effort to run against Hahn next year. Several other state and city officials have similar ideas. Is there a crisis of confidence at Los Angeles City Hall? Warren Olney leads a debate about the city's leadership between Councilman Jack Weiss, who's become an outspoken critic of the Mayor, and Bill Carrick, a political advisor to Jim Hahn, and .
  • Making News: Inglewood Voters Say No to WalMart
    By a vote of 7000-to-4500, voters in Inglewood said -no- to the world-s biggest corporation. WalMart will not be able to go around elected officials and state development laws to build that massive super-center between Hollywood Park and the Forum. Democratic State Assemblyman Jerome Horton, who was part of yesterday-s winning effort, says he'd welcome the giant retailer to Inglewood, but without pre-empting state law.
  • Reporter's Notebook: How about a Part-Time Legislature?
    Governor Schwarzenegger has told the LA Times he-d like to see the state Legislature work just part-time. The Governor made the comment while on vacation in Hawaii. Although he doesn't think it a great idea, Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Weintraub acknowledges that the idea isn't really far from today's reality.

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