Trump and Gambling in California after Prop 1a

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In two consecutive elections, California voters have supported increased gambling on Indian reservations, passing Prop 1-a two weeks ago with 65%. The selling points are improved housing and health care, cultural preservation and economic development for America's most downtrodden minority. But, even before the votes had been cast, California tribes near San Diego and Sacramento were making deals with Nevada gamblers. The day after the election, Atlantic City gambling tycoon Donald Trump agreed to invest 60 million dollars in the Spotlight 29 casino, run by the Mission Indians near Palm Springs. Will native Americans be the real beneficiaries of a massive increase in legalized gambling? Should voters have listened more closely to warnings about increased crime, bankruptcy, domestic abuse and suicide? On Reporter's Notebook, Mayor Richard Riordan on the Chief Parks / DA Garcetti squabble. On the Newsmaker segment, GOP Assemblyman Tom McClintock on his proposal to suspend the state gasoline sales tax.



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