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Dr. Crystal Gibbs: Associate Dean of Education, Cal State Northridge. Co-writes the LA Times TV Smarts Column. Jerry Mander: Senior Fellow, Public Media Center in San Francisco. Program director for the Foundation for Deep Ecology and the former president of Freeman Mander and Gosage, an advertising agency Author of Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (((and The Case against the global economy))) Ann Sullivan: Principal, Smith Elementary School in Huntington Beach. Donna Mitroff: Vice President of educational policies and program practices, Fox Kids. Tim Collings: Professor of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver BC and the inventor of the V-chip. Shirley Igo: Vice president for legislation, National PTA (Parent Teachers Association) which has worked extensively pushing for TV ratings and the three hour rule. Commissioner Gregory Conlon: Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission. One of the founding commissioners of deregulation. Ellen Miller: Executive Director, Public Campaign, a non-partisan advocacy group working for campaign reform.

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