Twenty Minutes with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

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During his first 100 days as Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa proved himself a municipal booster of almost unlimited energy. His appointments have won praise and he's argued for city interests in Sacramento and Washington. Today, he negotiated the City out of a lawsuit and avoided an expensive ballot measure. It's hoped that the agreement he reached with the Bonaventure Hotel will increase business for the under-utilized Convention Center. We talk to the Mayor about his "hands-on leadership" as well as preparing for LA's next disaster and progress on long-term issues, including traffic, affordable housing, schools and his positions on ballot measures in next month's election.
  • Making News: First Heavy Rains Hit Southern California
    The National Weather Service has issued severe thunderstorm warnings, especially for Orange County. Conan Nolan of KNBC-Channel 4 News, who's has been following today's weather, in the aftermath of the fire damage just two weeks ago, has more on the first heavy rains of the season and the storm warnings ahead.

National Weather Service's forecast for Los Angeles

NBC News feature on rain, increased threat of slides in recently burned areas

LA Unified School District (LAUSD)

Prop 74: Public School Teachers' Waiting Period

Bonaventure-City of LA deal, Los Angeles Business Journal on

School Improvement Bond Measure (Measure Y, 2002)

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