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Israeli aircraft hit major roadways north of Beirut today and Hezbollah rockets made their deepest strikes yet into Israel. Meantime, the ground war appeared to be moving slowly. The war in Lebanon looks very different from Beirut and Jerusalem. We hear about the mood in both cities in a conversation with Gideon Lichfield, who's reporting for the Economist magazine from Jerusalem, and Michael Young, Opinion Editor of the Daily Star, an English-language newspaper in Beirut. (An extended version of this program originally aired earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Many Thousands March in Baghdad in Support of Hezbollah
    Many thousands of Shiite Iraqis marched on the streets of Baghdad today, shouting "Death to Israel, Death to America" in a show of support for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Borzou Daragahi, Baghdad Bureau Chief for the LA Times, was in Kurdistan today and told us how different it is from the rest of Iraq. He also had an update on the demonstration, where Western reporters were not allowed and had to depend on stringers.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Collapse of the Doha World Trade Talks
    The Doha Round of trade talks started in Doha, Qatar after September 11, as a way the industrialized world could counter Islamic terrorism by helping the poorest nations. Last week the talks collapsed. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, now heads Realizing Rights, which calls itself the Ethical Globalization Initiative. She discusses the failure of the trade talks and what it means not just for the world's poorest countries but for security in the US and Europe.

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