Two-Year Progress Report: Has Fox Made the Grade?

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When he was elected President of Mexico, Vicente Fox ended 70 years of authoritarian ironfisted rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party. But less than two years later, after creating and fostering expectations of major change, Fox admits that he hasn-t lived up to the expectations created by that historic victory. He-s even apologized in public, asking Mexicans to keep the faith. We hear what went wrong and whether Fox could still make it right from political analyst David Ayon of Loyola Marymount University-s Center for the Study of Los Angeles, Mexico City-based freelance journalist Sam Qui-ones, and political scientist Denise Dresser of the Pacific Council on International Policy.
  • Newsmaker: Senate Vote on Yucca Mountain Overturns Nevada Ban
    The US Senate has joined the House in overriding Nevada-s objections to establishing Yucca Mountain as America-s permanent storage site for nuclear waste. After decades of argument and $ 7 billion worth of research, President Bush pushed hard for tonight-s vote. Tony Batt, who covered the Senate debate for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, says that while the 60-to-39 vote may have been disappointing, it was not unexpected.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Will Midnight Special-s End of Lease Mark End of Era?
    Midnight Special has been a counter-cultural holdout on Santa Monica-s increasingly expensive Third Street Promenade. For years, it has hosted provocative readings and lively forums, subsidized by a landlord whose neighbors have been getting high rent from national book chains. But, as of January, the bookstore will have to move. Mayor Michael Feinstein laments the gentrification that is homogenizing the popular walking street.



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