Understanding Ballot Initiatives

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Chris Beaumont: Television writer; also on the Board of Directors of the Humanitarian Law Project Bill Jones: Tom Hiltachk: Partner with Bell, McAndrews and Hiltachk, a law firm specializing in political and election law (has worked on dozens of state and local initiatives) Kim Alexander: President of the California Voter's Foundation which has recently released the 1998 California Online Voter Guide (www.calvoter.org). Peter Schrag: Author of "Paradise Lost," a recently published book about what California has done to itself over last 25 years, socially and politically; he also writes a weekly column for the Sacramento Bee Harvey Rosenfield: Head of non-profit Foundation for Tax-Payer and Consumer Rights; author of insurance proposition 103 which passed in 1988 Ray Fisher: Associate Attorney General at the Department of Justice; former President of the Los Angeles Police Commission Bob Stern: Co-Director for the Center for Governmental Studies




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