Union LA?

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Professor Richard Hurd: Professor of Labor Studies, Cornell University. Maria Elena Durazo: President, Hotel and Restaurant Workers Local 11. Charles Ecker: Spokesperson for the New Otani Hotel, which Local 11 has been trying to unionize. Julie Butcher: Assisting General Manager, SEIU Local 347, which represents city employees. Richard Close: Partner in the law firm Shapiro, Rosenfeld & Close. President, Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association. Jackie Goldberg: Member, LA City Council; represents the 13th District, including Hollywood and Silver Lake. Joel Wachs: Member, LA City Council; represents District 2, the Eastern San Fernando Valley. Mark Bucher: Businessman in Orange County, proponent of the "Campaign Finance Reform" Initiative for the June 1998 ballot. Raul Lopez: Secretary - Treasurer, Teamsters Local 396.



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