Union Layoffs in the Tourism Industry

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In the economic downtown since September 11, fewer industries have been hit harder than tourism. The Hotel and Restaurant Union estimates that a full third of its members have been laid off, with many others working reduced hours. The union, which supports relief measures being offered to businesses, has asked management to ease up a bit on layoffs and to extend similar aid to workers. We hear that call, the response from business, and about a likely Santa Monica City Council move to offer "first right of return" to employees.
  • Newsmaker: Decommissioning of Arms by the IRA - An independent disarmament commission has confirmed that the Irish Republican Army is disarming, a move hailed as "fundamentally significant" by political leaders in Ireland and Great Britain. Patrick Smith of The Irish Times reports that the events of September 11 may have contributed to this major breakthrough.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Black Community's Response to September 11 - How does the war on terrorism look from LA's black and Latino neighborhoods? Jarrett Fellows is executive editor of Wave Community Newspapers, a chain of 14 weeklies. He details his community's response to American military policy, racial profiling, the war on terrorism, and the patriotism of local gangs.

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