Using Vehicle License Fees to Plug Budget Deficit

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To help make up the state-s massive deficit, Governor Gray Davis wants to cut $4 billion of state money that goes to cities and counties. He concedes that his own party-s legislative majority won-t let him do it, preferring instead to increase the vehicle license fee. Rabid opponents say that the proposed increase will trigger another Proposition 13. Would you pay a higher -car tax- to be sure you get police and fire protection? You may get a chance to decide. We preview one of the year-s hottest political confrontations in a spirited discussion with Democratic state Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg and Republican state Senator Tom McClintock.
  • Making News: The Closure or Conversion of Rancho Los Amigos?
    Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center is nationally renown for serving patients with severe injuries of the brain and the spinal cord, but LA County Supervisors say they have not choice but to shut it. Now, there-s an effort to save it by taking it private. In just 72 hours, Jack Shakely of the California Community Foundation, is already halfway to his goal of raising $25 million to convert the facility to a private non-profit hospital.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Gray Men Replace Media Moguls in Industry Shake-Up
    By founding and building CNN, Ted Turner made himself a 20th century media mogul. Yesterday, Turner announced he-s resigning as Vice President of AOL Time Warner, CNN-s current owner. The Economist recently reported that, around the world, men of -extravagant vision and exaggerated showmanship- are being replaced by -dull men in suits.- Sophie Pedder, media editor for that British weekly, is author of the article.

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