Utilities Deregulation

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Peter Asmus: Has been writing on energy issues in trade press for a decade; just finished a new book -- Reinventing Electric Utilities: Competition, Citizen Action and Clean Power. Marcie Edwards: Director of Bulk Power at LA's Department of Water and Power. Ruth Galanter: City Council member from the 6th district, head of the council's ad hoc committee on energy restructuring, and Chair of council's Comerce, Energy and Natural Resources, which oversees the Department of Water and Power. Marc Haeffle: Columnist and staff writer, LA Weekly Michael E. Tennenbaum: Managing member of Tennenbaum & Co., a, private investment firm in Los Angeles. Wrote a recent op-ed piece in the LA Times on the DWP. Tom Higgins: Vice president, Corporate Communications, Southern California Edison. V. John White: Executive director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies of Sacramento. NOTE: HE'S IN DB UNDER PLAIN OLD JOHN WHITE George Kieffer: Partner at Mannatt Phelps and Philips law firm, and Chairman of the City Council appointed Charter reform commission. David Corn: Washington Editor, The Nation John Fund: Editorial Writer, the Wall Street Journal



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