Valley Secession: Will Boroughs be Buried by LA?

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After decades of struggle, the movement to break up Los Angeles has finally made this November-s ballot. Yet as recently as last week, some San Fernando Valley leaders were negotiating to postpone the vote on secession and offer voters another plan. The Los Angeles borough plan offers an alternative to both Valley secession and the ugly prospect of very unhappy Valley voters in the event that secession fails. Tomorrow, it will get one last hearing in City Council. We hear from former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg who came up with the borough system, and from Council President Alex Padilla about what he-s offering instead.
  • Newsmaker: Continuing State Budget Stalemate
    It-s been weeks since the constitutional deadline for passing the state budget. The Senate has finally passed one version, but the Assembly continues to grapple over massive cuts to counter California-s $ 23 billion deficit. The Sacramento Bee-s Dan Weintraub reports that the stalemate, which could last weeks, pales in comparison to what lawmakers will face next year.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Inglewood
    Los Angeles means many things to many people. The name is used for both the city and the region that it anchors. The adjacent of Inglewood is frequently included in that regional context. But the recent beating of a handcuffed teen by an Inglewood policeman has brought the city unwanted publicity. Erin Aubry Kaplan, who writes for the LA Weekly, shares some reflections on her -unremarkable- provincial town.

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