Voters May Change, but Prop 13 Remains the Same

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Proposition 13 cut property taxes 32 years ago, and most of today's voters don't remember the moment or know the details. Because it depends on increased housing prices, it's partly responsible for today's fiscal crisis, and it makes new home-buyers subsidize older ones. But Prop 13 is still called the "third rail" of California politics, and any official who proposes a change risks being thrown out of office. Why has it had so much influence for so long? Is there any prospect for change? Also, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst says the Governor's budget is a "good starting point." On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, mentally ill people may threaten violence. Most never come through. But should laws protecting their privacy and their freedom be changed, just in case? Would that mean treating sick people like criminals before they've done anything wrong?

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Warren Olney