War on Drugs: Are Officials Behind the Curve?

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Despite mounting evidence that we're losing, the money keeps coming and the war against drugs continues. So does the debate over what approach can best confront this public health issue that affects foreign policy as well as families. Are movies, voter initiatives, and a few Republican politicians creating a climate for change? We'll hear from the screenwriter of Traffic, former California Congressman Tom Campbell, and leaders of two community organizations that deal with the daily effects of substance abuse. (Originally broadcast on To The Point, 12 January 2001.)
  • Newsmaker: LA County Federation of Labor Endorses Villaraigosa - For the first time in decades, the 800,000-member Los Angeles County Federation of Labor has endorsed a mayoral candidate. The Federation's Miguel Contreras looks forward to former labor organizer Antonio Villaraigosa becoming the first "union mayor" in LA history.



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