Ward Valley Reconsidered

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Marc Lifsher: Staff Reporter, Wall Street Journal Sacramento Bureau. Dr. Greg Hayden. Ph.D: Professor of Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Nebraska Commissioner, Central Interstate Low Level Radioactive Wast Compact. Author of new study titled: "Excess Capacity for the Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Waste in the United States Means New Compact Sites are Not Needed." Joe Nagel: Chief Operating Officer, American Ecology. Runs a low level radioactive waste facility in Washington state; slated to run Ward Valley. John Garamendi: Deputy Secretary, US Department of Interior. Former Insurance commissioner for California and former gubernatorial candidate. Michael Bogert: Deputy Legal Affairs Secretary for Governor Pete Wilson. Dr. Carol Marcus: Director Nuclear Medicine Outpatient Clinic, Harbor ULCA. Professor of Radiation Sciences, UCLA. Joe Lyou: Executive Director, Committee to Bridge the Gap. Dr. William Hogan: Senior Scientist, National Ignition Facility.



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