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David Bloom: Reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News Jane Sherbourne: Former White House Special counsel who managed Whitewater matters; attorney and partner in the Washington, DC law firm Wilmer, Cutler, PickeringRoger Stone: Long time political consultant, he now runs the Fort Hill Group business consulting firm. Was part of the Dole for President "Clinton Accountability Team". Has been involved in 8 Presidential campaigns, was Senior Consultant to the 1988 Bush-Quayle campaign, with special responsibility for California. Was Eastern Regional Political Director for Reagan's campaigns; and a longtime advisor and spokesman for Richard Nixon. Gene Lyons: Columnist for the Little Rock Arkansas Democrat Gazette who has been covering Whitewater and Clinton for a very long time; he's author of FOOLS FOR SCANDAL: HOW THE MEDIA INVENTED WHITEWATER Byron York: Investigative writer for American Spectator Magazine Bruce Buchanan: Professor of Government at the University of Texas, Austin; specialist in presidential politics and public policy. David Bloom: Reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News Scott Hettrick: Digital cable reporter for the Hollywood Reporter

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