Week in Review: Speeches, Supremes, and Subpoenas

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From Yasser Arafat and the Middle East, to the Pledge of Allegiance, school vouchers and continued corporate meltdowns, President George Bush has traveled a potentially rocky political landscape this week, addressing things that one doesn't usually discuss in polite conversation. Will his decisions win new voters to the Republican Party? Is the religious right gaining new ground? Can Bush distance himself from big business without losing longtime supporters? We look at the changing political landscape and its impact on the President, Congress and midterm elections with leaders from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and the Muslim Public Affairs Council and journalists from the Los Angeles Times, The Forward and The Nation. Guest hosted by Sara Terry, this program is an abbreviated version of one heard earlier today on To the Point.
  • Newsmaker: Ricocheting at the Department of Water and Power
    Did the Department of Water and Power engage in "ricocheting" to drive up the price of energy it sold to the state's transmission grid operator? Former DWP chief David Freeman denies the practice, which is described in transcripts of taped conversations obtained by the Los Angeles Times. Nancy Vogel, of the Times' Sacramento bureau, says the facts may darken the future of the man who was to be confirmed as state energy czar this week.
  • Reporter's Notebook: One Woman's Battle to Veil Her Face and Stay on the Road
    While many dread the identification photos issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the photos actually violate the beliefs of some religiously observant people. That's true for a Muslim woman in Florida, who does not want to remove her veil for her driver's license photo. The state says she can't drive if she doesn't. Pedro Ruz Gutierrez, of the Orlando Sentinel, has more on the collision between public safety and religious freedom.

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