Welfare Reform: Success or Failure?

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President Clinton promised to change Welfare as we knew it-and, along with Congress, he did. Now, the welfare rolls are dropping as never before, as former recipients go to work. But poverty is hardly a thing of the past. In fact, the poorest of all Americans are worse off than before. So, has Welfare Reform succeeded or failed? Researchers are giving conflicting answers to that question after looking at LA County-which has more welfare cases than any place else in the country. It turns out that the same numbers produce very different conclusions. Today, we'll ask, is the glass half empty or half full? What are the national implications of LA's experience? And, will Welfare Reform play a role in this year's presidential campaign?
  • Newsmaker: The FBI is investigating charges that TRW faked test results for the controversial anti-missile defense program. We talk with retired Rear Admiral Eugene Carroll, Vice President of the Center for Defense Information in Washington.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Federal Trade Commission has released internal documents showing that film companies are directly marketing R-rated movies to the very, underage kids who aren't supposed to see them without an adult. The FTC says that's false advertising under the law. Congress has scheduled hearings tomorrow. Vice President Gore says he'd give the industry six months before asking for new regulations. Governor Bush accuses Gore of "hypocrisy" because of Hollywood contributions to Democratic campaigns.



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