West Coast Ports Closed Indefinitely

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While shipping companies and longshoremen trade charges and counter-charges, 125 ships full of cargo are stranded off-shore at 29 ports, including Long Beach and LA. For every day the stoppage continues, the cost to America-s economy is one billion dollars. Although negotiations between labor and management have been ongoing since their contract expired on July 1, this weekend, management shut down operations, accusing dockworkers of manipulative work slowdowns. Federal mediators have responded by calling both sides to Washington on Thursday in the hope of finding a solution. We get a progress report from spokesmen for the International Longshore Union and Pacific Maritime Association.
  • Newsmaker: Governor Davis Says No to Radioactive Waste Bill
    As Controller and Lieutenant Governor, Gray Davis led opposition to the disposal of low-level nuclear waste at Ward Valley in the desert near the California-Arizona border. Today, Governor Gray Davis vetoed a bill that would have banned such waste from municipal landfills. Richard Katz, Davis- appointee to the California Water Resources Control Board, explains what the decision means for waste disposal and to public health.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Angels- Divine Leap from Last Season to Post-Season
    Last year, Anaheim-s major league baseball team finished 41 games behind. Tomorrow, the Angels will start their first playoff game since 1986. Though no team has ever come so far so fast in a single year, the Angels will have to beat the New York Yankees three games out of five in order to stay in the World Series running. Mark Whicker, sports columnist for the Orange County Register, looks at the challenge ahead

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