What about Those Other Races in Next Week's Election?

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In next week's election, the most visible contest is the Democratic primary for Governor. By now, most voters know that Steve Westly and Phil Angelides are running against each other. Other races have not received much attention, including those for the other statewide offices. Voters might know that Rocky Delgadillo and Jerry Brown are candidates for Attorney General, but what about Controller, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Lieutenant Governor? Do they really matter? We speak with Dick Rosengarten, who edits California Political Week, and from Dan Weintraub, Sacramento Bee columnist and web blogger, about the so-called "down ballot" contests.
  • Making News: Democrats Battle over War in Iraq in 36th Congressional District
    A Democratic congressional primary on LA's Westside has become a battleground over the war in Iraq. In a district that stretches from San Pedro to Venice, Jane Harman is close to the aerospace and defense industry in Torrance and Redondo Beach. She's being challenged by anti-war activist Marcy Winograd, who took a Marina del Rey apartment so she could challenge the six-term incumbent. Although Harman, who's been on our program often, has not returned our calls, we're joined by Marci Winograd.

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