What Has Hollywood Done for the War on Terrorism?

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Over the past year, America-s image around the world has been sinking ever lower, especially in Muslim countries, despite the promise of entertainment industry leaders to help the White House make the country look good. While many envisioned TV as a quick and creative medium for deconstructing myths about the -great Satan- and promoting American ideas about diversity and equality, critics warned that creative artists could become propagandists. We hear both sides of the ongoing debate from Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Chairman Bryce Zabel, who-s trying to develop what he calls -a rapid response team for America-s message,- and a skeptical Larry Gelbart, veteran writer for the stage, movies and the TV series MASH.
  • Newsmaker: Glendale Wildfire Consumes 1,100 Acres
    That Glendale brush fire that-s cast a pall of smoke over the LA basin has grown to 1100 acres. Arson investigators have pinpointed the origin, but not the cause, of the fire. Captain Tom Marchand, Public Information Officer for the Glendale Fire Department, reports that although high temperatures are hampering efforts, the higher-than-expected humidity is facilitating containment efforts.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Families of 9/11 Victims Call for Peace
    After losing her brother-in-law in last year-s terrorist attack on the Pentagon, Kelly Campbell quit her job to become co-director of a group called September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. The group, which is holding a rally tonight at LA-s First Baptist Church, is among those organizing against a war with Iraq. Campbell has more on the group and its goals.

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