What-s Happening to Schwarzenegger-s Reform Efforts?

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In February, Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to the Democrats as "these poor little guys" who "want to tear me down- but they can't.- Since then, his sky-high approval rating has been tumbling. Last week, after the San Jose Mercury News published a poll showing that fewer than half of California voters now approve of the way the Governor is handling his job, Schwarzenegger dropped pension reform, one of the ballot measures on his November special election. Over the past two days, California headlines have declared "Schwarzenegger Denies He-s Backing Down,- "Gov. Making a Quiet Retreat- and "Arnold Mania Fades.- One web blogger asked, "Arnold: Political Comet or Meteor?- Is the Governor's reform agenda in trouble? Is the end in sight for The Terminator? We talk with some political pros about why the media have turned skeptical.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Death on the Arena Football Field
    Yesterday at Staples Center, LA Avenger Al Lucas fell to the ground and never got up. After the 26-year old lineman was carried away, the arena football game continued, and not until it was over did the team learn that Lucas was dead. Are sports franchises prepared for the medical consequences of high-impact athletics? Helene Elliott covers sports for the LA Times.

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