What-s LAPD Chief Bratton Trying to Prove?

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A New York writer says there-s more at stake for Police Chief William Bratton than stopping gangs in Los Angeles. If Bratton-s personal strategies can produce results here, it will help demonstrate that he was responsible for reducing crime when he headed New York-s police force. Bratton, who inaugurated new information-sharing techniques for fighting crime and insuring accountability, has declared all-out war on the criminal gangs that he blames for more indiscriminate killings than the Mafia. Heather MacDonald of the conservative Manhattan Institute and author of the upcoming Are Cops Racist? How the War Against the Police Harms Black Americans, offers a New York perspective on LA-s new chief of police.
  • Newsmaker: Corruption Charges Won-t Unseat Carson Mayor
    On unpaid leave as chief-of-staff to LA City Councilwoman Jan Perry, Daryl Sweeney has vowed to hold onto his part-time job as the elected Mayor of the City of Carson despite his federal indictment on charges of bribery and extortion. Eddie North-Hager, who reports for the Daily Breeze, updates the federal investigation that netted nine people, including three other current or recent Carson elected officials.
  • Notebook: John Rechy-s Life of Prostitution and Literature
    He-s now a respected writer and a USC professor who has lectured at UCLA, Harvard and Yale, but when John Rechy-s City of Night was published in 1963, it was a shocker. Novelist Charles Casillo is author of The Lives and Careers of John Rechy, a biography about the inscrutable hustler whose sexual expose broke social taboos and transformed street life into a highly respected literary career.

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