What Would the Real ID Act Mean for California?

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As part of the appropriations bill for Iraq, Congress is considered almost certain next week to pass the so-called "Real ID" measure. It has nothing at all to do with Iraq but, in the interests of national security, it would ban drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants and requires that states enforce its provisions. If they don't, their drivers' licenses can't be used to board airplanes. The National Council of State Legislatures says it means bureaucratic nightmares at DMV's all over the country. We learn what that will mean for California and illegal immigrants who are driving without insurance from Steve Gourley, former Director of the California DMV, and Angelica Salas, Executive Director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.
  • Making News: Schwarzenegger Submits Signatures for November Ballot Initiative
    Governor Schwarzenegger moved California closer today to a special election this coming November. Today, he submitted signatures for a measure that would increase the time it takes for teachers to earn their tenure in from two years to five. John Hubbell was there for the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Reporters Notebook: Does Concentration of Media Ownership Mean Media Bias?
    Most of America's newspapers, magazines, broadcast stations, publishing houses and movie studios are owned by five big corporations: Time-Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corp and Bertelsmann. In Santa Barbara this weekend, KCRW is co-sponsoring a forum called "Media Ownership and Media Bias: A Crisis in the Newsroom." One of the moderators is journalist Ann Louise Bardach.

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