What's at Stake in the LA Election?

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TV spots are still rolling, and last-minute mailers are pouring in, as LA voters get their last look at campaigns for mayor, city attorney, 5 city-council seats, and one on the Unified School District board. Term limits have guaranteed a lot of new faces at City Hall. Tonight, we'll hear from political pros and other students of LA politics and government. We'll talk about which voters are most likely to go to the polls and--when it's all over-how much of a difference their votes are likely to make.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA's Last Hispanic Mayor - If Antonio Villagraigosa's elected tomorrow, he'll be LA's first Mayor of Hispanic descent in 129 years. It was 30 years after the American takeover of California, and Mexicans who survived were facing heavy pressures, political and cultural. Eric Roy has this report.



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