White House Enlists Hollywood in War on Terrorism

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During World War II, Hollywood studios used government grants to make movies supporting the war effort. During the Cold War, Walt Disney submitted his films for pre-approval to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Last week, 40 network heads, studio chiefs and prominent actors met with representatives of the Bush White House to see how the entertainment business can help enlist the rest of the world in America's war on terrorism. We hear from two Hollywood insiders who organized the meeting, and speak with a first amendment attorney who's worried about censorship and media manipulation.
  • Newsmaker: LA Security after Death of DC-Area Postal Workers - As testing for anthrax contamination continues in the nation's capital, two Washington, DC-area postal workers have died, apparently of inhalation anthrax, two coworkers have been hospitalized, and dozens of others lined up to be tested. David Mazer, of the US Postal Service, talks about education, common sense, morale and moving the mail.

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