White Studies

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Neil Gotanda: Visiting professor of law at Boston College Law School, teaching constitutional law and critical race theory. On leave from Western State University in Fullerton.Matt Wray: Graduate student in ethnic studies at Berkeley; organizer of recent conference there called "The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness" co-editor with Ann Lee Newitz of White Trash: Race and Class in America.Noel Ignatiev: Editor of Race Traitor, a journal of the New Abolitionist movement; author of How the Irish Became White, and lecturer in Harvard's history and literature department. Phyllis Berry Myers: Political consultant; Board Member, Center for New Black Leadership, and co-chair, Black Americans Political Action Committee. Lowell Thompson: Founder of Partnership against Racism, a non-profit advertising organization, and author and publisher of White Folks, a non academic look at racism in America. Peter Collier: Co-publisher of "HETERODOXY", a newspaper that takes as its mission the shattering of all things politically correct. Co-author with David Horowitz, of the book Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About The '60's. Leonce Gaiter: ArchEditor of Chico News in Review. His novel, Jest Tiddy Boom will be published by Noble in Spring 1998. Kent Richland: Founding partner of Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, a civil appellate firm; former president, California Academy of Appellate Lawyers. Ron Brownstien: National Political Reporter, Los Angeles Times.



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