Who Can Speak for Peace?

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With another war protest scheduled for Sunday, the peace movement is torn by internal conflict. Michael Lerner, editor of the progressive Jewish magazine Tikkun and one of the country-s most liberal rabbis, says he-s been banned from speaking at the anti-Iraq-war demonstration in San Francisco because he favors Israel-s right to exist. Left-leaning peaceniks all over the country are signing a letter saying the rally-s organizers are unfit to lead protests against the war. Has a special agenda disqualified the rally-s organizers from a leadership role? Will the conflict discredit the anti-war effort? We hear from longtime political activist Lila Garrett, who chairs Americans Against War With Iraq, and Bill Hackwell of the ANSWER Coalition, one of groups that-s planning Sunday-s rally.
  • Making News: CIA Say Pyongyang Has Missiles That Can Reach US
    CIA Director George Tenet told Congress today that North Korea probably has at least one nuclear weapon and a missile powerful enough to reach the West Coast of the United States. Carolyn Lochhead, who reports from Washington for the San Francisco Chronicle, says that the 5-year old intelligence report is being reviewed in a new light.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: LA Deluged with Rain
    For the second day in a row, drenching rains are flooding freeways and knocking out power all over Southern California. The weather service says El Ni-o has finally generated a major storm, and it may drop 7 inches by the time its over on Friday. How does it all look to a transplanted Easterner who grew up in Detroit and worked in New York before moving to LA? Charlie LeDuff is national correspondent for the New York Times.

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