Who Would Want to be Governor of California?

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California-s next Governor is going to have problems the campaigning candidates haven-t even begun to talk about, with an $8 billion budget shortfall just for starters. That budget, which has to be balanced by law, will have to be passed by a divided legislature--controlled by liberal Democrats, but with enough conservative Republicans to stop anything they don-t like. Lawsuits challenging recent funding devices could make things a lot worse than that. We discuss just how bad it might get with a tax-reform advocate and Republican political consultant. We also hear from Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Weintraub how Sacramento might look if the Terminator were in the Governor-s office.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Green Party Candidate Says He-s Not Going Anywhere
    One week before Election Day, political pros are saying that it-s Governor Gray Davis versus Arnold Schwarzenegger. Where does that leave Peter Camejo? The Green Party candidate, who doesn-t believe Davis will survive the recall, talks openly about his third-party -victory,- his gubernatorial political rivals, and the financial quagmire facing California.

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