Will al Qaeda Undermine Afghanistan, Pakistan?

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Pakistan-s President Pervez Musharref and Afghanistan-s interim President, Hamid Karzai are on shaky ground as al Qaeda terrorists try to destabilize their countries. Both American allies move about their own countries under heavily armed guards. On the borders of Afghanistan, al Qaeda terrorists reportedly are regrouping, with plans to undermine the US supported regime. In Pakistan, al Qaeda may be coordinating Islamic extremist attacks on symbols of Christianity and the West. We hear about the threat of terrorism and America-s deepening involvement in a volatile region from a former Secretary of State, journalists for the Christian Science Monitor and Arab News, and a professor at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Newsmaker: Study Says Net Sharing Could Benefit Music Firms
    The music industry is blaming online piracy for revenue drops of 6% last year and 10% for the first half of this year. Napster may be out of business, but record companies claim that similar services like Morpheus and Kazaa are still cutting into their action by offering music on the Internet for free. Josh Bernoff, analyst for Forrester Research, says data contradicts the claim, suggesting that free music downloading may be good for the industry.

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