Will Borough System Work in Los Angeles?

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New York's borough system is suddenly looking attractive to a Los Angeles City Council trying to fend off secession. Five council members support the borough measure, which requires 8 council votes by July to get the issue before the voters on November 5. City residents would then vote to modify the charter they just revised. Would breaking the city into boroughs, rather than breaking it apart, muddy the decision-making or offer real promise for improved response from city hall? We hear from freshman Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, who represents the East San Fernando Valley, Erwin Chemerinsky, who chaired the 1999 Los Angeles Charter Reform Commission, and historian Fred Segal who's studied the decline of cities such as New York, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: LAFCO to Vote on Harbor Secession
    Last week, the Local Agency Formation Commission approved putting San Fernando Valley secession to a citywide vote in November. Tomorrow, LAFCO will render a decision on Harbor Area secession. The Los Angeles Times' Sue Fox considers the viability of the proposed city of 140,000 residents, and offers predictions on LAFCO decisions involving the Harbor and Hollywood.

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