Will Energy Derail the California Economy?

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Although there may be disagreement over whether California is suffering from an energy crisis, there is little doubt that there is an imbalance in national supply and demand. Whatever one calls it, the long-term impact of California's energy shortage will depend on whether state leaders decide to take charge or let the market float free. We hear the latest economic analysis from UCLA's business forecast and get some authoritative answers from one of the titans of the state's energy industry, president and CEO of Sempra Energy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Methane Gas at Playa Vista - This week, the LA City Council approved 135-million dollars in tax exempt bonds for the massive Playa Vista development, dismissing concerns about its methane gas deposits. Patricia McPherson, president of the Grassroots Coalition, is highly skeptical that such dangers can be mitigated.

Cambridge Energy Research Associates

San Diego Gas & Electric

Sempra Energy

Southern California Gas Company

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