Will Governor Schwarzenegger Walk the Walk on Global Warming?

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The latest federal report says that Californians still breathe some of the dirtiest air in the country, with cancer risks in LA and Orange counties twice those in the rest of the nation. Scientists say it'll get a lot worse if greenhouse emissions aren't cut. It's been almost a year since Governor Schwarzenegger made international headlines by declaring that California would lead the US in reducing emissions that cause global warming. Although final proposals won't be released for a couple of weeks, the Governor is being briefed today. Schwarzenegger's office has already announced that he would not support a draft-version recommendation of a gasoline tax of less than a penny a gallon to be used for research on alternative fuels. We get a progress report on what could be an election issue this year.
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    The City of Compton was hit by a record 72 homicides in 2005. By this time last year, the number already was up to 22, but this year, there have been only three. That's being attributed in large part to a doubling of deputies by Sheriff Lee Baca. We hear more about the city's success from Councilman Isadore Hall and Omar Abdul Hakeem of the Compton Community Coalition.

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