Will LA Children Be Left Behind?

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President Bush says that no child shall be left behind, but LA schools may be out of the loop. The President-s education reform offers new federal money to districts that measure up and it penalizes those that don-t. While requiring that any child in a so-called -failing school- can demand to be transferred to a better one, it also requires all teachers in -failing schools- to be fully credentialed. The Superintendent of LA Schools, former Colorado Governor Roy Romer, calls that a recipe for -chaos- at the LAUSD. We hear from Romer and US Under-Secretary of Education Eugene Hickock, one of the Bush Administration-s top education officials, about the challenge of bringing the President-s plan for excellence in education to Southland schools.
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    Blue Shield has become the first health insurance company to offer a comprehensive solution to California-s worsening healthcare crisis. Funded by premiums, taxes and state subsidies, the plan would extend coverage to everyone in the state, regardless of their condition. Blue Shield CEO Bruce Bodaken and Republican Assemblyman Keith Richman share discuss this innovative plan to cut costs while increasing healthcare.

AB 30 (Assemblyman Richman's healthcare bill)

No Child Be Left Behind



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