Will Prop 56 Mean Easier Budgets or Higher Taxes?

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Despite all the hype for Governor Schwarzenegger-s financial package, Proposition 56 just might be the measure on next week-s ballot with the greatest potential to change the way business is done in Sacramento. Put on the ballot by public service groups and public employee unions, Prop 56 would reduce the vote of the Legislature now required to pass a state budget from 67 to 55 percent, and bring fiscal sanity back to state government. Opponents, alcohol and tobacco companies and the State Chamber of Commerce among them, say it would mean tax increases to finance even bigger spending than we-ve seen in the past. We hear the arguments pro and con from the California Taxpayers Association and the Tax Reform Association.
  • Making News: SF Mayor Criticizes President Bush on Gay Marriage Amendment
    President Bush singled out -activist judges- and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for their actions permitting same-sex marriage that made him call for a constitutional amendment to prohibit the practice. Newsome responded, saying that the Constitution "protects citizens, not politicians during reelection bids." Rachel Gordon, who covers City Hall for the San Francisco Chronicle, was at Newsom's press conference today.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Blinding Impact of Frank Gehry-s Disney Hall Design
    Frank Gehry-s Walt Disney Concert Hall is an architectural success worldwide, but there's a problem in the condos on Hope street across from LA-s most famous building. When the sun hits glossy, mirror-like steel exterior of the Hall, it creates a blinding reflection and raises temperatures as much as 15 degrees. LA County, which owns the land under the site, has hired USC Architecture Professor Marc Schiler to help find a solution.

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