Will Schwarzenegger Deregulate the Electricity Market Again?

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Nobody who lived through California-s energy crisis wants to do it again-including Governor Schwarzenegger, who promised to prevent that from happening. There have been some low-level alerts already this year, and the Governor wants the Public Utilities Commission to get moving. Will free-market competition provide enough power at reasonable prices, or just give big generators and users unfair advantage over small business and individual consumers? We find out what to expect in the long term and the near future as Warren Olney speaks with Marc Lifsher, who reports from Sacramento for the LA Times; Barbara Hale, who directs strategic planning for the California Public Utilities Commission; and public policy expert Peter Navarro of UC Irvine.
  • Making News: Thousands Flee Fires in Riverside County
    Yesterday came the declaration of an early fire season, and today, people in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Riverside Counties found out why. Buildings have been destroyed and thousands of people evacuated in places where the brush is dry and the temperatures are soaring. Jim Boano, public information officer for the California Department of Forestry, says fire crews are working diligently to combat blazes threatening Temecula and Cerritos.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Registrars React to Electronic Voting Machines Ban
    The Florida election debacle of 2000 will have a big influence this year on voting in California. Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has banned or limited the use of electronic voting, which, ironically, was installed to prevent Florida from ever happening here. Yet, some county officials are saying -not so fast.- One of them is Riverside Registrar of Voters Michelle Townsend.

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