Will Schwarzenegger Go Back to the Ballot Box...Again?

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California-s Initiative process dates back 100 years--along with the recall. Governor Schwarzenegger is a posture child for both political practices. On Monday he-s expected to announce a special November election for three proposals he can-t get the Legislature to pass. Get ready to be inundated by direct mail and campaign commercials. With campaigns ready to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars, will it be an exercise in grass roots democracy or special interest politics? We hear more about the advantages and disadvantages of this specially scheduled election from experts in campaign finance and political initiatives, and a Republican consultant pushing the Governor's measures.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Malibu Homeowners Help Themselves to the Public-s Beach
    Hollywood celebrities are among the private landowners trying to prevent public access to parts of Malibu. Owners' rights are supposed to end at the mean high-tide line, but for the past week, earthmovers have been scooping sand from the public part of Broad Beach and dumping it on their property, creating an 8 foot-high berm. The California Coastal Commission says that has to stop, as we hear from Executive Director Peter Douglas.

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