Will Syria Be Swept Up by the Winds of Change?

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Syria has been beset by protests similar to those that have brought down other governments in the region. President Bashar al-Assad came to power after his father's death in 2000, with promises of reform that have yet to materialize. On this rebroadcast of today's To the Point, guest host Sara Terry considers the impact of protest movements there. Can the regime there hold on to power? What would regime change mean for a country long regarded as one of the most important players in the Middle East? Also, state budget cuts threaten community college students. On Reporter's Notebook, that time of year again. Batter up!

Banner image: Thousands of Syrians rally to show their support for President Bashar al-Assad (portrait), who is facing unprecedented domestic pressure amid a wave of dissent, in Damascus on March 29, 2011. Photo: Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty Images



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