Will the Democratic convention be Democratic?

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For the Democratic Convention eight weeks from today, LA was promised the first such event in national history to be privately funded. But Mayor Riordan and other convention boosters have fallen short, and now they're asking the City Council for million in public money. Today's LA Times urges the Council to pony up, so the city won't get "egg on its face."
Even though million is a drop in the bucket in terms of public finance, others are asking what Los Angeles will get for its trouble. With network TV cutting coverage down to the bone, exposure will be less than expected unless another "Battle in Seattle" creates images of the wrong kind. And, with the real action at private parties, rather than Staples Center, the convention itself will be something other than small 'd' democratic.
Reporter's Notebook looks the discrepancy between the 33, 000 salary of city council members vs. the 4,000 salary of LAUSD board members.



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