Will the Real Santa Monica Please Stand Up?

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Radical politics may have dwindled in what used to be called -the People-s Republic of Santa Monica,- but is -the community- ready for three 21-story towers at the foot of the Third Street Promenade? That-s part of the Macerich Company's new plan to get rid of the Santa Monica Place shopping mall. Santa Monica-s not the only city in Southern California looking to rebuild a shopping mall that-s outlived its usefulness, but it is the place where developers have most often run up against people who want to preserve their communities against the high prices and gentrification. Tonight at 8, KCRW will broadcast what could be a lively debate at the City Council. We get a preview of what-s to come.

Santa Monica Place

Third Street Promenade

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Santa Monica City Council

SMCC/Redevelopment Agency report on proposed development of SM Place



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